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These are a few of our projects that showcase our skills and the products that we create.  Find more information about the projects as well as testimonials from our customers.

Broomhill Garden Studio

A garden room but so much more.  The building was designed by BW MacIntyre Architects to provide additional living space as well as act as an office and study space.  Built by us from the foundations up, this building showcases a great range of the work we carry out.  Find out more...

Images by Carlton Photography.

Broomhill Garden Studio

Laggan Cottage Renovation

We helped create a beautiful bespoke kitchen, bar and several in-built storage solutions to maximise the available space in this traditional stone cottage.  Find out more...

Bespoke Kitchen Units

Old School

Another traditional stone house renovation with a new kitchen installed by ourselves along with alcove units, wardrobes and a desk and shelving re-claimed and re-purposed.  Find our more...

Double Alcoves
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