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Sauna Sessions

Use our hand crafted, Finnish sauna to re-invigorate your body and mind.  Our sauna is located with a stunning view of Lochnagar and all the characteristics you expect in Royal Deeside.  With a panoramic window, our sauna allows you to engage with nature & recharge.

Our Sauna Sessions

Our Sessions

We run 1 hour sauna sessions at our HQ near Crathie and Balmoral.  Each session is private, you will have the space to yourselves during that time, we are around but won't be on site at the sauna. 


Park up off the track and walk over to the sauna.  You can get changed inside before going through to the hot room where you can relax in the heat.  Cool off outside under the shower, in the plunge pool or in the fresh air.

If you would like to book a longer session, just get in touch and we can arrange it.  See our FAQs, below, for more info.

FAQs About Our Sessions

FAQs -Session


Where is the Sauna?

The sauna is located between Crathie and Ballater in Royal Deeside.  Opposite Abergeldie Castle.  You will be sent directions once you have booked. It is situated on the hillside and looks out over the river and woodlands of Abergeldie and Balmoral Estates and on towards Lochnagar.

Where can I park?

There is space to park not far from the sauna. Drive up the track to the first corner and you should see the sauna (unless it is dark!). Please park just off the driveway on the corner. There are little parking signs to show you where. Please keep the driveway clear for access. You can then walk over to the sauna. Please don't try to drive up the grassy slope and over to the sauna. There should be space for 3-4 cars if you parallel park.

Do I Just Go Over to The Sauna?

Yes. The sauna will be up to temperature ahead of your arrival and you can head over and in. There is a changing vestibule inside to store belongings and change.

What time shall I arrive?

There may be people in the session before yours so please don't arrive too early. You have the sauna for an hour and we have factored in time between sessions to allow time to get changed and head off. But please keep an eye on the time. We will be down in between sessions to give the sauna a quick sweep.

In there somewhere to change and store valuables?

There is a changing vestibule in the sauna. There are coat hooks to hang coats nad a shelf for other bits and pieces.

What do I need to bring?

- Towel to sit on - Seperate towel to dry off if you want - Water - Torch - if you have a session in the dark, it will help you on your way over to the sauna.


How hot will the sauna be?

We aim to have the sauna up to around 80degrees, an ideal sauna temp. But if you prefer it hotter or cooler then please add a log or open the door for a bit, as required. ONLY ADD ONE LOG AT A TIME. The heat will ramp up quickly and two logs will push it up too high. Add one, give it time, and if needed add another.

What else is there at the sauna?

You can cool off under the cold shower or in the plunge pool. If that's too cold, there are a couple of chairs set outside for you to relax, cool down and enjoy the view.

Do I need to do anything with the sauna?

Nothing specific - just enjoy! Add a log to the fire if it gets down to embers. Add some water to the stones to boost the temperature and give you the authentic experience. Once you are finished, please check for your belongings and leave the sauna as you found it. The lights will go out themselves, the fire can be left to burn out. Please try not to track too much water in to the sauna. Use a towel on the benches.


Your session starts at the allotted time, you have the sauna cabin for an hour to enjoy. There is some time in between sessions to allow time for us to check on the sauna and tidy as necessary so you may see us heading down the hill!

Temperamental Weather

We will be in touch if there are any concerns with the weather. Wind can cause the door to be heavy and awkward, please take care when coming and going. The steps can be slippy in colder weather, especially if the shower is in use.


What do we do when we are finished?

Please leave the sauna as you found it. The fire should be left to burn out, the lights will go out by themselves, they are on a timer. Please take a last look for any belongings.

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