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Broomhill Attic Renovation

The Architect's Brief from the Customer:

"In 2022, we had been in discussion with architect BW Macintyre about converting the top floor in our
Victorian house to include a bedroom, en-suite and office/ sitting area. The top floor layout / design
required careful consideration to ensure that the space was optimised for everyday living."

Customer Feedback:

"The top floor is a lovely space and fulfilled the design brief completely. Deeside Timber Crafts proved again to be an invaluable contractor who I cannot speak of highly enough. I would not hesitate in recommending Stuart and Louise for any project you are considering!"

Plywood lined attic bedroom with adjoining bathroom.  Sliding plywood door. Pocket door opening to storage space.


"We had again decided to use Birch Ply as the main material for the fit-out renovation, using it to clad the walls, and for bespoke beds, cupboards and desk. Stuart made several clever and thoughtful recommendations to help make the space work as well as possible. From the pocket door in the alcove (complete with routed door opener), new floor, additional storage areas under/ in the beds and the drawers built into the eaves, were all welcomed ideas and incorporated into the renovation."

Office room and day bed.  Plywood used for desk, shelving and daybed.


"The initial part of the project required a new internal wall to be built and a larger velux window to be fitted, which required some structural work. Stuart was able to provide valuable advice and guidance on best solutions to any problems encountered and we were able to gain additional space in the bedroom by moving the attic wall back 30cm - which proved to be essential!"

Bedroom in attic renovation.

Why were Deeside Timber Crafts the right choice?

"Having used Deeside Timber Crafts as the main contractor for the Garden Room, we had no hesitation reaching out to them again to help us implement the top floor reconfiguration. "

Plywood Lined Walls

The construction and finishing details:

"With there being no square surfaces on the top floor it was not a straightforward project but what it did allow for was to showcase how truly talented a craftsman Stuart is. He was able to fit all the cladding and furniture squarely and seamless into the rooms with it looking like it has always been there."

Plywood detailing. Pocket door, door lining and skirting board.
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